Am I an alcoholic if charged with an Alabama DUI?

DUI Charge in Alabama? Automatically an alcoholic?

Of course not. Just because you are charged with an Alabama DUI does not mean that you are automatically an alcoholic. It does mean that your alcohol use or abuse, depending on the circumstances, may be too much of a factor in your life and causing your life to be unmanageable. If that is the case, then along with working through your Alabama DUI charge with us, you also should explore your drinking habits and any risk factors that you may have that would indicate alcoholic tendencies. Hopefully, this will prevent any charges in an Alabama Municipal or District Court in the future.

Hundreds of DUI cases handled.

We represent hundreds of people for DUI and related traffic offenses every year through the entire State of Alabama. Many of the people that we represent on DUI cases simply made a mistake in Alabama and are not necessarily problem drinkers or alcoholics.

However, if you have been arrested multiple times for DUI or you repeatedly drink and drive or have unhealthy drinking habits, then you may be at risk for the progressive disease of alcoholism and you may need help as an alcoholic.

We litigate and fight DUI cases in Alabama every day. However, one of the things that we focus on heavily is the person who is our client – the human being, the father, the son, the mother, the daughter – who made a mistake. We don’t just handle DUI cases – we help people and that is one of the main focuses of our practice. If we work on the person, if there are any issues, then usually everything else seems to fall into place based on the work that we do on the case and the help that we provide to the person. We love people and love helping our clients be successful with their Alabama DUI case and to be the best they can be in life.Despair

If you have been charged with a DUI in Alabama, we are the Alabama DUI law firm that can help you. We are members of the National College for DUI Defense and certified to administer field sobriety tests. Also, if you think that you might have a problem with alcohol or if alcohol is causing your life to become unmanageable, then we can help you in that aspect as well and point you in the right direction and we will take your hand and walk with you through this process.

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