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You have been charged with an Alabama DUI. You do not know what to do or who to turn to and you don’t have much experience hiring an Alabama DUI Lawyer. More than likely, you have spoken to several attorneys, probably met with a few and have gotten a differing opinion depending on who you have spoken to. Sometimes we hear from our clients that hire us that the process of choosing an Alabama DUI Lawyer is difficult and confuses them more than when they started.

Make no mistake about it โ€“ we fully understand that choosing an Alabama DUI attorney is a big deal. It is a big deal for you and a big deal for us.

We cannot guarantee you a result on your Alabama DUI case. Anyone who guarantees you a result should be reprimanded. What we can guarantee you though is this: we have handled thousands of DUI and companion charges. We have litigated DUI cases from start to finish. We know the DUI law and we know how to maneuver your case through the system in Alabama courts to get you the best result possible.  We are here to stand by you and stand with and fight for you as YOUR Alabama DUI Lawyer.

We can guarantee you that after hiring us on your Alabama DUI attorney charge, you will have an open line of communication with our office. We will stay up late and work longer and spend the weekends preparing for trial in order to give you the best chance at a favorable resolution by agreement for a non-DUI disposition or through the trial process. Those things we can guarantee you โ€“ we can guarantee you that we will work hard, that we will use our experience, and that we will use our skills in litigating Alabama DUI cases in order to help you get the best result on your Alabama drunk driving charge.

Client Comment

How do I know which Alabama DUI attorney to hire?

Make no mistake about it, you have a very tough decision to make in choosing who to protect you and your rights and your future in your Alabama DUI case. Some of the questions that we are asked when people are trying to decide who to hire are absolutely ridiculous. Some people ask how well do you know the judge? Oftentimes I laugh out loud at those questions because in thousands of cases I have not met a judge yet in any county or any city in the State of Alabama that will dismiss a DUI because they know an attorney. That is just not the way that the world works.

I have met judges and prosecutors throughout the State who will listen with a very tuned-in ear to an attorney who has a case where they have a valid legal or factual argument that has been developed and will listen to the argument and make decisions. Sometimes that happens before trial, sometimes that happens at trial, sometimes it happens in pre-trial motions related to your Alabama DUI case.

Many times judges and prosecutors across the State will listen very closely whenever an argument is made for mercy for someone who has very clearly violated the law and needs help. This is one area that is often overlooked by other Alabama DUI attorneys.

So how are you going to win my case?

You need to know that no one believes that it is okay to become impaired and get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle in the State of Alabama. Most DUI arrests in the State of Alabama do not have a personal victim โ€“ the victim is the State of Alabama. However, in some isolated, very tragic circumstances there are people who are injured seriously or killed because someone has gotten behind the wheel of a vehicle and caused an accident.

Many times Alabama DUI cases are won and lost on very specific factual and legal issues that can only be spotted by people who have the necessary training, knowledge and credentials to be able to spot the issues.

We are members of the prestigious National College for DUI Defense and also regularly attend DUI specific seminars both in person and via the web. We also own close to 30 treatises about DUI defense including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Manual from the beginning of time until current, the DRE Manual, Police Officer Handbooks, and many more.

That is how we will work to get you the best result possible. Through very specific negotiation and presentation of issues and pleas for mercy and recommendations to the prosecutor and the court.

Our goal in every Alabama DUI attorney case is a dismissal of the DUI charge. Hands down that is the most important element. Can we get your DUI dismissed? Who knows? There is no way in the world that anyone can have a conversation with you in person or by telephone and be able to answer that question for you. The only thing that is certain on the front end is that you will certainly be allowed to plead guilty. That is something that we can tell you for sure. A prosecutor and generally a court will almost always accept your guilty plea. WE DO NOT PLEAD OUR CLIENTS GUILTY TO DUI UNLESS THAT IS THE ROUTE THE CLIENT CHOOSES. You will NEVER EVER hear from us that you should “just plead guilty to the DUI because there is nothing that can be done.” There is and will always be something that can be done.

Why can’t we tell you up front how your question can be answered or how your case will be handled? Because it’s impossible to know because we have not reviewed all information from you, from the court, from the police officer and the prosecutor. If anyone that you call on the phone tells you that they can get your DUI dismissed because of some document that they faxed you or because of some relationship that they have with the judge or prosecutor then they are certainly not shooting straight with you. How do we know this? 1000’s of DUI and Traffic cases that we have handled.

Why hire us?

Call us and talk to us. Give us your email address and we will send you a packet of information about us. Visit these our websites and view comments and other information that previous clients have said about us.

You will find that we are certified to Administer and Teach regarding the field sobriety tests that you endured. We are current members of the National College for DUI Defense. Our membership is current in the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers as well as the Alabama Criminal Defense Lawyers Association and the Texas Criminal Defense Lawyers Association.

We are not going to blow smoke in order to get you to hire us. That is not what we do and we do not want clients who do not want us to represent them and to be truthful with us and to go through this journey not as separate individuals, but as one as we work through your very serious charges. We want people that want to be helped and respond well to interaction with us and our office.

So what should I do next?

What you need to do next is the following:

  1. Ask anyone that you speak with whether they are a member of the National College for DUI Defense. If they aren’t, then I would question whether they are dabbling in DUI cases to make a quick buck or whether this is something that they do and that they are committed to.
  2. Ask them when the last time was they went to a DUI specific seminar whether in the State of Alabama or outside of the State.
  3. Gather all of your documents and make a written summary of the facts from your standpoint and have that ready to provide to the attorney that you hire.
  4. Collect a copy of your driver’s license if you still have it, collect a copy of your registration and insurance and be ready to provide that.
  5. Begin coming up with different plans that would be implemented in your life depending on the outcome of your case. If your case is dismissed, what is your plan going to be? If you are found guilty of a lesser offense, what is your plan going to be? If you are convicted of the charged offense and lose your license or go to jail, what is your plan going to be? Certainly without a plan you will almost certainly fail.

Call us today to discuss your case. You have nothing at all to lose by giving us an opportunity to present you with information about, about cases we have handled and about comments from previous clients. We look forward to hearing from you and look forward to discussing your case with you.

No representation is made that the quality of the legal services to be performed is greater than the quality of legal services performed by other lawyers.