Why Fight Your DUI

Many people ask us the question why should I fight my DUI?  They feel as though they were impaired and should not have been driving and they feel as though they should simply walk into court and plead guilty.  There is nothing that could be further from the truth and you definitely need to fight your Alabama DUI charge. What exactly does it mean to fight your DUI?  Does it mean that you go into court and tell the prosecutor that you were not drinking or that you are not guilty of DUI?  Of course not.

Each case is different and a different approach must be taken on each case.  In some cases the person really was not driving or certainly had not been drinking.  Those cases are few and far between but are handled in a different way than if someone was arrested and charged with DUI after an accident or after swerving in the road or after submitting to a breath test with a result greater than .08.

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